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EcoShape is a foundation under Dutch law, that manages the public private innovation programme Building with Nature. Knowledge is developed via pilot projects, in which Building with Nature (Nature Based Solutions) are realised and monitored. Based on the monitoring results, guidelines for replication and scaling up are developed and disseminated through the website of EcoShape.

Working with EcoShape

In the projects EcoShape acts as the main contracting agency, representing its partners. For each project EcoShape concludes a dedicated project contract with its partners, detailing conditions, terms and responsibilities. EcoShape works with partners in various forms, e.g. in client-contractor relation, or as alliance partner. In each project another cross-section of the EcoShape partners is active, based on project needs and partner ambitions. The conditions under which the partners work are detailed in the consortium agreement.


Each project has its own financing structure. Rates for engineering consultants and knowledge institutes are based on cost prices of individuals but can be lower (or higher) than the cost price. In many projects maximum compensation is governed by subsidies which have been attracted.

Research objectives

After founding EcoShape in 2008, we used the first four years to stimulate a change in thinking about hydraulic engineering solutions. We showed that Building with Nature offers great opportunities to come up with innovative solutions. We created awareness and started field experiments to test our solutions in practice. Since 2012, we continue our work on strengthening the knowledge base. We develop tools to support the implementation and assessment of suitability of Building with Nature solutions.

Research objectives

Sharing knowledge

In recent years partners within EcoShape have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. This knowledge is captured in reports on the project pages of this website and in the Building with Nature Design Guidelines. This knowledge is freely available.

Design Guidelines