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First phase (2009-2014)

• Gathering and developing ecosystem knowledge enabling water related Building with Nature.
• Developing scientifically based and location-specific design rules and environmental norms.
• Developing expertise in applying the Building with Nature concept.
• Demonstrating that Building with Nature solutions work, with practical examples.
• Finding out how we can ensure that the Building with Nature concept is adopted by society

Second phase (2014-2019)

• The engineering of ecosystem services, used and/or provided as part of a BwN concept
• The data management that is needed to support the implementation and follow-up of BwN solutions
• The business case of BwN concepts
• The governance aspects that promote/hinder the realisation process of BwN concepts
• The scalability of BwN concepts as well as the transferability of BwN concepts
• The assessment of suitability of natural and socio-economic systems for the range of known and/or new BwN concepts
• A realization framework for BwN type projects without a precompetitive actor
• The quantification of CO-footprint of BwN concepts in comparison with traditional solutions