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Our team

Henk Nieboer
Henk Nieboer
Erik van Eekelen
Erik van Eekelen
Programme manager
Fokko van der Goot
Fokko van der Goot
Programme manager
People 3
Luca Sittoni
Programme manager
Jolanda de Ruyter
Financial manager
Carrie de Wilde
Communication manager
People 1
Daisy de Kiewit
Office manager

Supervisory board

The Supervisory board gathers four times per year. The board supervises the implementation of the Building with Nature programme and its progress.
The supervisory board has the following members:
Marjolein van Wijngaarden (Boskalis, chair)
Ronald Schinagl (Van Oord)
Frank Heezen (Arcadis)

Core team

Meetings of the Supervisory board are prepared by the Core Team
The core team has the following members:
Anneke Hibma (Van Oord)
Jaap van Thiel de Vries (Boskalis)
Tammo Bult (Wageningen Marine Research)
Olga Clevering (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment)
and the members of the Ecoshape management team (programme managers and director).
The core team is chaired by EcoShape Director Henk Nieboer.