WACA Table

About the WACA Table

The West Africa Coastal Areas table consists of several organisations in the dredging, engineering and consultancy firms and the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). They discuss the opportunities for Nature-Based Solutions in West Africa. The participating organisations want to work together to reach this goal.

Primary Purpose

The WACA table focuses on the pilot and project development of Nature-Based Solutions in West Africa.

Ambitions and Key Factors

The goal of this table is to stimulate the standardization of Nature-Based Solutions in West Africa and for the participating organisations to play a part in this. One of the main activities is the discussions we have with the WACA-program (West African Coastal Areas management) and the University of Cape Coast (Centre of Excellence).

We look for opportunities on all the six enablers that are identified within EcoShape. The enabler, ‘Technology and System knowledge,’ is what we learn from pilots and projects and we also learn from the enabler ‘Capacity Building’ in the form of training’s.

Tracks and Projects

No specific tracks or projects have been identified yet.


The table is starting and the beginning stages are taking place. The goals and first actions are being defined.


None available at the moment.


Carolien Wegman
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Tom Wilms
Witteveen + Bos
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Henk Nieboer
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Raül Glotzbach
Netherlands Water Partnership
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Fokko van der Goot
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Pieter van Eijk
Wetlands International
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Maarten Meeder
Van Oord
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Arjen Luijendijk
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