Enablers resources

Online resources

– Engineering With Nature—U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiative website, highlighting project examples, research and evidence, renderings, and podcasts
– INTERREG NSR Building with Nature—EU-funded project website
– Natural Water Retention Measures—online platform and repository of NWRM information in Europe
– Nature as the inspiration for climate solutions—overview of WUR climate solutions research
– Oppla community page—EU repository of Nature-based Solutions with crowdsourced enquiry service, a knowledge marketplace, and community
– Stories in Missouri: Nature-based Solutions—The Nature Conservancy overview page describing several solutions applied in Missouri
– What Nature-based Solutions can do for us—overview page of the European Commission highlighting six sectoral reports on Nature-based Solution benefits
– Working with Nature—World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) initiative website, containing resources, publications, and project examples