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The projectpage of the ‘Mud Motor’ at Koehoal in the Netherlands has been updated. With the project in operation now for two years some interesting results were found. The project Salt Marsh Development with a Mud Motor looks at the potential for furthering the development of salt marshes in the Wadden Sea by making optimal use of the sediment transportation capacity of ambient flows. Two very important aspects of the efficiency of the Mud Motor are the location of the disposal site of dredged sediment and the timing of the disposal of dredged sediment (depending on the tide). With pilot experiments and computer models the optimal location and timing of the disposal at these disposal sites were found. Measurements show that the transport rate through the tidal gully is increased by a factor 1.6 - 2 due to the Mud Motor.

The projectpage ‘Mud Motor’ provides a flow chart and lessons learned on which a first order assessment of the suitability of a location for salt marsh development can be based.

Guideline Salt Marshes now online