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The Wadden Sea Ports of Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands would like to invite you to attend
The Trilateral Wadden Seaport conference on May 17th 2018 in Harlingen (Netherlands).

Reflecting on BwN Wadden Sea Port programme

EcoShape is right at the hart of the conference with a workshop, reflecting on five years of the Building with nature Wadden Sea Port programme.

Political level

The content of the conference will be brought on a political level. At the conference the organising ports will sign a letter of intent which will be submitted to the 13th Trilateral Governmental Declaration on the Protection of the Wadden Sea (May 18th 2018, Leeuwarden).

Show your best practices

If you would like to contribute by showing best practices regarding ‘the challenges of sustainability for the German, Danish and Dutch Wadden Sea Ports’ then please send your suggestions to: