Article: ‘Salt marsh construction as a nature-based solution in an estuarine social-ecological system’

A new article by EcoShape partners has been published in the new journal ‘Nature-Based Solutions’. The article addresses how constructed salt marshes as a Nature-Based Solution for coastal defense offer additional benefits over conventional engineering, but project realization is often hampered by practical and governmental obstacles. The article findings highlight the importance of EcoShape enablers in Building with Nature projects.

Some findings from the article include:

-When constructing a salt marsh by raising sand and mixing mud, a mud content of 25% is practically feasible and results in high vegetation cover and species richness

-Merging a local NBS into a regional social-ecological system enhances feasibility

-Seeding with Salicornia plant fragments only temporarily aids pioneer plant growth

-Soft soil is hampering the heavy machinery needed for constructing a muddy marsh