New paper and infographic available: Living Lab for MUD

At two events this fall the Living Lab for Mud was in the spotlights: the CEDA Dredging Days and the Amsterdam International Water Week.

At the CEDA Dredging Days, Erik van Eekelen presented a new paper about the Living Lab for Mud. In the Living Lab for Mud, EcoShape is developing and sharing knowledge about the sustainable use of fine sediment by means of pilot projects in which we are learning how to generate benefits for society, such as the restoration of ecosystems by capturing sediment and transforming sediment into a building material. Also research is carried out on how to use fine sediment for land reclamation or the development of salt marshes.

The article introduces the Living Lab for Mud initiative and gives an overview of the pilot projects in the Lab.

During the Amsterdam International Water Week, Luca Sittoni also presented the Living Lab for Mud. It was the first occasion on which the infographic and flyer about the Living Lab were shown. The presentation led to a number of ideas for other locations to test the principles from the Living Lab for Mud.