Tidal park Rotterdam

A tidal park creates leisure opportunities and improves the ecological quality of the city.

Opportunities for leisure and nature

Opportunities for leisure are being created and the ecological quality of the rivers is being improved along the Nieuwe Maas and the Nieuwe Waterweg. Salmon and sturgeon now swim to and from the sea thanks to new resting places and cleaner water.

Flood risk management

A gentle, vegetated slope of the river bank breaks the waves when water levels are high, contributing to a future-proof Rotterdam region. The programme is therefore part of the national Delta Programme for flood risk management.


We are studying the Building with Nature design principles to create tidal nature. This project has already generated new knowledge about the interaction between abiotic and biotic processes and how these can be integrated in policies and legislation.


We reported the lessons learned in fact sheets. Please see the online presentation Building with Nature in the City below.