Positive reviews on our book

Our book ‘Building with Nature, creating, implementing and upscaling nature-based solutions’ has received four positive reviews so far. Quotes from these reviews include:

“It is a solid handbook that also provides an insight into the creative and inspiring potential of Building with Nature.” (NUL20)

“It is a deliberate foray into the creative sector and an interesting and readable tome that is both innovatively laid out and accessible to a wide audience. This can only be good news for the concept of building with nature and its wider application.” (Terra et Aqua)

“If you read the book, you get the impression that a lot has already been achieved in the field of Building with Nature.” (Land+Water)

“According to the editors, the book aims to inspire, to show how Building with Nature principles can be applied with nature as the basis. And the book amply succeeds in this.” (Rooilijn)

Below you can read the full reviews from NUL20, Terra et Aqua, Land + Water and Rooilijn.