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Climate change and biodiversity loss urge us towards sustainable development. Are you ready to take a decisive step together? To make our cities, coasts and infrastructures adaptive and resilient? Then Building with Nature is your answer!

Following the Building with Nature book launch on 22 October, EcoShape organizes a webinar series ‘Upscaling Building with Nature together’. Experts with hands- on project experience will explain and discuss with you six enablers that are critical to make a building with nature project successful. 

Set, take and share the stage

With these enablers, you are ready to SET, TAKE and SHARE the stage for Building with Nature projects towards sustainable development!

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Date: 14th of January: SHARING the stage in Building with Nature
Hosts: Luca Sittoni (EcoShape and Deltares) and Sophie de Reus (Royal HaskoningDHV)
Enablers: Multi-stakeholder approach & Business case
Time: 15.00 – 17.00 p.m.  (UTC/GMT +1:00 uur)

In this final webinar of the EcoShape series ‘Upscaling Building with Nature together’ we will discuss how to involve and engage with stakeholders through a Multi-stakeholder approach and hear about financing Building with Nature projects and making a positive Business case.  

First hour: Multi-stakeholder approach

  • Martin Baptist (Wageningen Marine Research) & Emiel Hakvoort (Province of Groningen): general introduction to the enabler of multi-stakeholder approach with reference to the IUCN. Application to Eems-Dollard and Marconi project.
  • Apri Susanto & Pieter van Eijk (Wetlands International): the Biorights concept and the lessons learned of Biorights in Demak, Indonesia.
  • Justine Shapiro-Kline & Matthijs Bouw (One Architecture USA): the east Harlem Resiliency Study.

Second hour: Business case

  • Stéphanie IJff (Deltares): principles of BwN business case and lessons learned from 12 years of EcoShape and beyond.
  • Bart van der Kolk (Groningen Seaports): the ED2050 (beneficial sediment use) business case, a private party perspective.
  • Maurice de Kok (van Oord): the business case of project Saly, Senegal and / or Moin, Costa Rica.
  • Henk Nieboer (EcoShape): about the finalization of the EcoShape 2.0 program and the next steps.

The recording will become available soon

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Date: 3rd of December: TAKING the stage in Building with Nature
Hosts: Simeon Moons and Belinda Bertonshaw (both Royal Haskoning DHV)

First hour: Technology and system knowledge

  • Jurre de Vries (Van Oord) about the EcoShape platform as a source of Building with Nature knowledge
  • Arjen Luijendijk (Deltares) about analyzing the system with innovative tools such as satellite imagery and datasets.
  • Tom Wilms (Witteveen+Bos) about his first-hand experience with system understanding of the mangrove coast in Demak, Indonesia
  • Questions from audience and discussion
    Short break

Second Hour: Adaptive management, maintenance and monitoring

  • Ellis Penning (Deltares) about dealing with uncertainty: Building with Nature solutions are flexible and adaptable and can move with uncertainties.
  • Petra Dankers (RoyalHaskoning DHV about her experience as project leader of the Marconi pioneer salt marsh experiment in Delfzijl, Netherlands
  • Irena Doets (Boskalis) about Adaptive Management at the Adelaide channel widening works, adjacent to seagrass meadows.
  • Questions from audience and discussion

Date: 6th of November: SETTING the stage in Building with Nature  (Part 1)
Contributions: Erik van Eekelen, Henk Nieboer, Bouke Ottow and Roel Bosma
Hosts: Fokko van der Goot & Lies Huitema

Date: 23rd of November: SETTING the stage in Building with Nature (Part 2)
Contributions: Stéphanie IJff (Deltares), Egon Baldal (Rijkswaterstaat) and Nathalie Doswald (UN Environment programme)
Hosts: Fokko van der Goot & Lies Huitema

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