International book launch

International launch of our book ‘Building with Nature – Creating implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions’ at Climate Adaptation Summit January 25th

Half of the world’s population lives and works in deltas. This is expected to be 70 percent by 2050. These areas are under great pressure due to climate change and sea-level rise. Coastal erosion, loss of biodiversity and more frequent flooding are an increasing threat.

Building with Nature is a proven, innovative approach to realize water-related Nature-based Solutions for societal challenges. This approach utilizes the forces of nature and strengthens the opportunities for nature development, creating added value for the environment, economy and society.

Watch the book launch here:

International book launch

EcoShape is a unique collaboration between scientists, engineers, builders, designers, NGOs, and governments. Over the past decade, EcoShape has designed, realized, monitored, and researched various Building with Nature projects. These projects show that it is possible to implement Nature-based Solutions on a larger scale. In addition to sustainable and safe coastal defenses, these solutions also provide ecologically rich and resilient landscapes. These characteristics make Building with Nature the ideal method for climate adaptation and mitigation.

ISBN 978-94-6208-582-4 | December 2020 | Matthijs Bouw & Erik van Eekelen | With contributions from: Henk Nieboer, Fokko van der Goot, Luca Sittoni, Carrie de Wilde, Martin Baptist, Mindert de Vries, Sonja Ouwerkerk, Fokke de Jong, Arno Kangeri, Simeon Moons, Sien Kok, Jurre de Vries, Justine Shapiro-Kline and Henk Ovink | design: Vanessa van Dam & Adriaan Mellegers | English | paperback | 17 x 24 cm | 256 pag. | Illustrations by OneArchitecture & Urbanism | EcoShape | NAi Booksellers