Building with Nature: Example Projects in Various Landscapes Webinar

On June 2nd at 16:00 CET, we will host the information webinar – Building with Nature: Example Projects in Various Landscapes. The webinar will highlight three speakers presenting on Building with Nature in different regions across our planet. The topic of this webinar was chosen from poll results from our Building with Nature LinkedIn Community.

The Programme:

-Welcome and presenting the status of EcoShape, Building with Nature: Henk Nieboer, EcoShape

-Urban Nature-Based Solutions for Kigali, Rwanda: Anneloes Nillesen, Defacto urbanism

-Ecological aspects of Markerwadden project, The Netherlands: Ruurd Noordhuis, Deltares

-Barriers to large scale implementation of BwN in the USA and what to do about them: Justin Ehrenwerth, The Water Institute

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