BwN: Example Projects in Various Landscapes Webinar Content

On June 2nd 2021, EcoShape hosted an informational webinar about Building with Nature and example projects that have been successfully implemented in various landscapes across our planet. The entire webinar lasted an hour and included an introduction from Director of EcoShape, Henk Nieboer and was followed by three speakers. Each speaker presented on a different region and project and the audience was given time for Q&A between speakers – see programme below for details.

With a broad international audience, this webinar attracted students, professionals and passionate-individuals alike. The webinar was recorded and is able to be viewed on our YouTube channel here.

Building with Nature: Example Projects in Various Landscapes Webinar
16:00 CET Wednesday June 2nd, 2021
-Welcome and presenting the status of EcoShape, Building with Nature: Henk Nieboer, EcoShape
-Urban Nature-Based Solutions for Kigali, Rwanda: Anne Loes Nillesen, Defacto Urbanism
-Ecological aspects of Markerwadden project, The Netherlands: Ruurd Noordhuis, Deltares
-Barriers to large scale implementation of BwN in the USA and what to do about them: Justin Ehrenwerth, The Water Institute of The Gulf