Integrated System-based Asset Management Webinar

Join our Webinar about Integrated System-based Asset Management (ISBAM)

Building with Nature is critical to adapt to climate change. It is a proven method to implement Nature-based Solutions for water-related infrastructure. Through many pilots EcoShape has shown that Building with Nature works. The time is now for its definitive scale-up in water management.

Working on a Landscape Scale

Integrated System-based Asset management (ISBAM) involves managing assets in their broader geographical and socio-economic context: optimising the functions of the system as a whole rather than the functions of individual objects or networks (object-based management).

This means operating outside of the governance silos of the current water governance infrastructure, and engaging proactively with a wide variety of stakeholders, including asset managers, landowners, nature conservationists and water managers.

To put it simple: it means working on a landscape scale.

The Way Forward

Recently we published a paper that discusses the essential findings that emerge from more than a decade of EcoShape experience in BwN knowledge development, projects and dialogues with key Dutch stakeholders.

EcoShape believes that the introduction of Integrated System-based Asset Management (ISBAM) is the way forward to realise the full potential of NbS.


Tuesday 6 July 2021

Integrated System-based Asset management

The business case for scaling up Nature-based Solutions

16.00-17.00 CEST

16.00 hrs Welcome by Host: Sien Kok (Deltares)

16.05 Presentation Integrated System-based Asset Management


  • Luca Sittoni (EcoShape, Deltares)
  • Egon Baldal (Rijkswaterstaat)

16.25 Discussion with panel: how do we bring this approach further?

Panel members:

  • Marlouke Durville (Rijkswaterstaat)
  • Henk Ovink  (Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, Kingdom of The Netherlands)
  • Henk Nieboer (EcoShape)

16.45 Question from audience

17.00 Closing

  • Language: English