EcoShape talk show and book pre-launch on 22 October

‘On the road to CAS’, a day full of interactive webinars will mark the road to the Climate Adaption Summit (CAS) in 2021. During the event, Dutch examples of Nature-based Solutions will be highlighted. In the broadcast ‘The road to successful Building with Nature projects’, the discussion will focus on the success factors of Building with Nature projects.

EcoShape has been working on knowledge development about ‘Building with Nature’ for over a decade. The knowledge consortium carried out several innovative pilots. This resulted in a wealth of experience. EcoShape has translated this experience into six enablers, or in other words success factors, for Building with Nature projects. How do you work in a Building with Nature project and what are the most important challenges? This will be discussed during the talk show ‘The road to successful Building with Nature projects’.

Local in Bedono, photo courtesy of Boskalis

Focus on Marker Wadden and mangrove restoration in Indonesia

The focus is on two successful Building with Nature projects, namely large-scale mangrove restoration in Indonesia and the development of the Marker Wadden nature islands. The project leaders discuss the success factors, but also the obstacles they encountered in these projects. Roel Posthoorn of Dutch NGO Natuurmonumenten, for example, is the inventor and project director of Marker Wadden. He talks about how his idea came about from the drawing board to implementation and how the collaboration between various parties in this innovative project works. Femke Tonneijck of Wetlands International talks about the mangrove restoration project and Egon Baldal of Rijkswaterstaat reflects on both projects from his experience within the European collaboration project Interreg Building with Nature.

What is needed for further upscaling?

A panel of young engineers and consultants will question the talk show guests about their views on the future of Building with Nature: How can it be that despite the enthusiasm about the pilots, large-scale Building with Nature projects still seem to be lagging behind, and what is needed to achieve further upscaling? Annemieke Nijhof, general director at knowledge institute Deltares, leads the discussion and presents the talk show.

Pre-launch book

EcoShape launches the book ‘Building with Nature – Creating, implementing and upscaling Nature-based Solutions’ in November. Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas will receive a special preprint edition at the start of the talk show. The talk show offers an exclusive glimpse into the book that aims to emphasize the versatility of Building with Nature. Erik van Eekelen, EcoShape programme manager: “The book shows what is needed to put Building with Nature into practice and is above all an encouragement to pick up the gauntlet yourself. We help the readers on their way with inspiring stories from people working with Nature-based Solutions worldwide”.

Guests, Time and URL

Annemieke Nijhof (Managing Director Deltares)

Roel Posthoorn (Natuurmonumenten, Marker Wadden)
Femke Tonneijck (Wetlands International, Mangrove recovery Indonesia)
Egon Baldal (Building with Nature, Rijkswaterstaat)

Video message:
Marjolein van Wijngaarden (EcoShape, Boskalis)
Erik van Eekelen (EcoShape, Van Oord)

The talk show will take place in English.
Start talk show: 22 October, 14.00 hrs CEST.
To be viewed via: You can also register in advance on the same site. Click on the link below to visit their website.

About ‘on the road to CAS’

On the road to CAS is a series of interactive webinars on Dutch climate adaptation projects, with specific focus on Nature-Based Solutions. With this day full of webinars, the next step will be taken in the run-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 on 25 January. During the Road to CAS there will be more (online) events. Curious to find out what these are? Take a look at the website via the link above.