Technology and system knowledge


Over the years, EcoShape has worked on expanding the knowledge of the BwN Technology and improving the understanding of the surrounding natural system by initiating or contributing to several pilot projects and participating in research programmes, often aided by external funding.

The research consisted of multidisciplinary teams, where universities and research institutes, governments and private partners worked together to translate the academic knowledge directly into practical guidance for BwN practicioners. As part of these pilots, also a number of relevant Tools have been developed and the practical experience of initiating, designing, constructing and managing these pilots has been stored for each individual Case.

This research and the building of the knowledge base has always been conducted in a multidisciplinary and ‘learning-by-doing’ setting, with the common goal to learn which Concepts fit in which Landscape, and what are the system and design parameters that should be considered when implementing these Concepts at other locations. Below several research initiatives are highlighted that are the basis for our BwN Technology and system knowledge understanding.

sand motor 2020
Sand Motor in 2020, several years after construction (credits: Rijkswaterstaat).
Marker Wadden 2018 John Gundlach
Construction of Marker Wadden (credits: John Gundlach).
Hondbossche Dunes after construction.
Houtrib dike pilot
Pilot project Houtrib dike (credits: Jurriaan Brobbel).
Marconi salt marsh
Marconi salt marsh just after construction with different test sites to investigate the growth of pioneer salt marsh vegetation.
Clay ripening Delfzijl cracks
Ripening of clay in one of the basins located near Delfzijl.