Adaptive monitoring and execution of dredging operations

How to Use


The Guide to Adaptive Monitoring and Execution of Dredging Operations provides rules to set up an adaptive framework needed to organize and implement adaptive dredging works. For some crucial issues within the framework, requirements and validating mechanisms are provided. A specific description of the guidelines are available in report form: Guidelines on the application of the Framework of Reference for the adaptive execution of low-impact dredging works. The process structure can then be attuned to local conditions (case and locality proof).

Phased  plan process

For setting up the Adaptive Monitoring and Execution of Dredging Operations, the guidance elaborates on the following crucial elements:

  • Identifying the objectives of the dredging works (strategic as well as operational)
  • The Quantitative state concept (needed useful indicators, process knowledge)
  • The Benchmarking procedure (comparing desired with current state)
  • The Intervention procedure (setting boundaries for well timed intervention)
  • Evaluation procedure (system learning, validating and adjusting objectives) 

The separate elements of the Framework of Reference have to be build from available knowledge, current settings and information needs, from process structure up to implementation and execution, intervention and adjustments.