Next Steps Webinar Content

Thank you to everyone who joined our Next Steps Webinar last Wednesday, March 31st. The webinar included an introduction from EcoShape Director, Henk Nieboer and was followed by an inspiring speech from Marjolein Van Wijngaarden, Director at Boskalis, one of our founding partners.

The Next Steps of EcoShape have been defined as an innovation ecosystem and we are striving to become a community to mainstream Building with Nature. The three initial Tables for this next phase presented on their goals and implementation strategies. Fokko van der Goot is leading the Building with Nature Asia table, Carolien Wegman is leading the WACA table and Luca Sittoni and Nathalie Strookman presented on the Beneficial Use of Sediments table.

The next steps of EcoShape include the creation of a business ecosystem. This ecosystem will be supported by an international community of individuals with a passion for sustainable solutions in the water sector. The business ecosystem, the community, tables and tracks will be facilitated by EcoShape. Pilots, projects and (knowledge) programmes will result from the tables and tracks. These will be carried out by consortia with partners from the Building with Nature ecosystem. In the next phase, the partners of EcoShape want to make a substantial contribution to the realization of the Global Goals through the development of value propositions for major social, environmental or sustainability issues in low-lying delta’s worldwide via Building with Nature.

To succeed in mainstreaming Building with Nature, we restarted our LinkedIn Community Group. The purpose of the community is to participate in knowledge sharing and discussion to further the implementation and promotion of Building with Nature. Interested in asking a question, starting a discussion or engaging with other members? Join today: