NL2120 has officially started!

On Tuesday May 28th, at the Biesboschhal in Dordrecht, NL2120 leaders, participants and partner organizations, gathered to celebrate the start of the 10 year long knowledge program. The celebration was filled with enthusiastic speeches, engaging activities and discussions and shared ambitions. NL2120 strives for the same impact as previous EcoShape initiatives, by promoting the upscaling of Nature-Based Solutions for social and climate related challenges.

Attendees of the celebration on May 28th in the Biesboschhal in Dordrecht. Photo credit: Autumn Dukich

In this knowledge programme, governments, nature organisations, engineering firms, dredging companies and knowledge and professional institutions work together on Nature-Based Solutions in the Netherlands for major challenges in the areas of climate, nature-inclusive agriculture, biodiversity and housing. NL2120, which is financed through the National Growth Fund, is one of the largest partnerships in the world in the field of Nature-Based Solutions.

In the coming months, the work groups within the knowledge programme will strengthen the foundation and identify promising solutions that can already be applied and scaled up in existing programmes.

Chairman of NL2120, Alex Hekman giving a speech to attendees of the celebration on May 28th in Dordrecht. Photo credit: Autumn Dukich

Chairman of NL2120, Alex Hekman shared during the event a reflection of the past, present and future of Nature-Based Solutions in the Netherlands. He shared: “It’s time for a new story for the Netherlands! A story in which functions are not at the expense of nature, so that nature and quality of life go hand in hand. And that is why we have united in NL2120! NL2120 works together with nature. We are open to good ideas and opportunities that contribute to our mission, feel free to contact us.” To read his full speech visit here.

To learn more about the knowledge programme NL2120 visit here.