NL2120 won de Grote Maaskant prijs!

The Rotterdam Maaskant Prize, is a biennial award granted to people who contribute to a more conscious experience of architectural, urban and landscape design.

NL2120 celebrated the start of the program on May 28th, by coming together for an energizing session in the Biesboschhal in Dordrecht. By receiving this recognition so early in the program, it is incredibly encouraging and motivating to imagine the impact this program will have.

While it is a reflection of the work that will be done, it is also a recognition of all the incredible work that has been implemented so far. The leaders of initiatives such as Room for the River, Natural Climate Buffers, the consortium of EcoShape and Wageningen’s NL2120 vision have laid the foundation for a New Story of the Netherlands. A story in which Nature-Based Solutions are prioritized to absorb climate impacts, restore biodiversity while maintaining productive capacity and strengthening broad prosperity, taking into equal account planet and people.

Chairman of NL2120, Alex Hekman shares: “With NL2120, all these leaders come together with the ambition to scale up these natural solutions. As far as we are concerned, this is therefore a prize for all those leaders, from the past, now and also from the future. An incentive prize to continue on the chosen path. With NL2120 we focus with a view to todays social challenges, for example housing challenges and area developments that go with it, subsidence, nitrogen, CO2, flood risk management, sea level rise, heat stress in cities and water availability. We do this with 25 partners, with passionate engineers, farmers, nature lovers, scientists, companies and teachers. It is the first time that all these parties with different backgrounds have worked together in such a large program. We often still have different perspectives and language, but we share the belief for a New Story for the Netherlands in which we work together with nature.”

We share the belief for a New Story for the Netherlands in which we work together with nature.

Alex Hekman, Chairman of NL2120

We are filled with gratitude and excitement that NL2120 is being recognized with this award and are open to good ideas and opportunities. Feel free to get in touch via [email protected]