Partners of the Building with Nature project meet in Germany

In September, EcoShape met with other international experts in Husum (Germany) for the 3rd coordination group meeting to discuss progress in their European collaboration project ‘Building with Nature’.

The German State Office for Coastal Protection, National Park and Marine Protection (LKN) hosted the meeting this time. In the Building with Nature project LKN wants to use their pilot project Basewad (Balancing sediment deficit in the Wadden Sea) to bring both their knowledge and research questions for the coming years. As part of the meeting, the group visited the island of Sylt that has been nourished with sand since 1972. LKN aims to gain insights on how the sand that has been nourished here may also benefit the Wadden Sea, so that the sedimentation can keep up with the expected sea level rise.

The role of EcoShape in the Building with Nature collaboration project is to focus on the business cases of BwN solutions. During the meeting, the EcoShape team, that has only recently started in the project, presented their first findings and gathered valuable inputs from the other project members and is now fully operational.

The overall objective of the BwN collaboration project is to make coasts, estuaries and catchments of the North Sea Region more adaptable and resilient to the effects of climate change. The aim of the project is demonstrate Building with Nature-based climate change adaptation solutions at 7 coastal sites and at 6 river catchment sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Scotland.