Identification of ecological and socio-economic components (EcoMindmap)


Ecomindmap is a framework and a process guideline which helps to structure available information on the ecosystem in such a way that the most important characteristics become clear. The result will be a graphical mindmap, which shows the system’s ecological characteristics relevant to the project. Apart from giving insight into the system at hand, the result can also be used for communication purposes. In the philosophy of Building with Nature it is very important to know the system (physical, ecological, socio-economical and governance setting) in which the intervention is projected to improve the design of a project.

Type: Framework
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Initiation, Construction, Operation & maintenance
Type of assessment: System Analysis
Purpose: Identify the components and interactions of the studied system (ecological and socio-economic)
Requirements: Multidisciplinary group of experts; data availability on the ecosystem at hand
Relevant Software:
none (Prezi website can be used)

Illustration of Ecomindmap.