Visual thinking for creative designing


Visual thinking is the process of translating one’s thoughts to relatively simple images on paper. This process has proven to be very useful in assisting the development of concepts, identifying key elements, and synthesising group ideas.  It follows the idea that “an image speaks a thousand words”. This tool description is based on the way a Dutch industrial design company (JAM) puts visual thinking into practice. Building with Nature has implemented this tool during workshops to translate conceptual designing discussions into conceptual design visualisations. It successfully assisted with clarifying a certain issue at stake, including roles and responsibilities of people involved. It also helps in illuminating project objectives and to gain a distinct overview of the situation. The results serve as a communication tool for all people involved in the project.

Type: Method
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Initiation
Type of assessment: System Analysis
Purpose: Instigate creative thinking; clarify designs, objectives as well as roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
Visual thinking sessions require the presence of a professional visualiser and facilitator
Relevant Software: