Stakeholder analysis


BwN projects operate on the boundary of several physical and social scales and sectors, because they are usually complex and of high exposure.  A multitude of interests are therefore involved in the successful development of such projects. Thoughtful management of these interests – as well as combining them as much as possible in a specific design – is essential to project success. Effective incorporation of interests can only be achieved by careful involvement and management of stakeholders, who not only represent these interests, but also play a role in the socio-economic context of the project. BwN projects initiate change in the socio-economic system, which often stirs emotions and resistance. The higher the impact on the system, the more important stakeholder management becomes. The output of the stakeholder analysis indicates the positions of people/organisations inside and outside the system relative to the envisaged change.

Type: Framework
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Initiation, Construction, Operation & maintenance
Type of assessment: System Analysis
Purpose: Identification, assessment and management of stakeholders
Requirements: Negotiation skills beneficial
Relevant Software: none