Valuation of risks and opportunities


This tool is a framework that helps to identify important risks and opportunities (e.g. for co-financing) and ways to integrate them in the cost-estimates of a project. Cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency are important criteria that often govern decision-making. Usually the costs are calculated after the design alternatives have become available. However, costs are also an important design criterion, so interaction between designing and costing is important. Yet, this interaction is often not included in the design-process. This tool contributes to the assessment of the financial implications of different design alternatives, by taking different possible scenarios and related risks into account. This framework requires only limited background knowledge in costing and designing. Essential is that different disciplines (especially finance and design) work together in order to make more integrated assessments.

Type: Framework
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Initiation
Type of assessment: Environmental Economics
Purpose: Integrating Finance and Design for improved pricing of risks & opportunities; incorporating ecosystem valuation
Requirements: Expertise from both finance and design 
Relevant Software: none