Hybrid shoreline protection – It Soal, IJsselmeer

Planning and design

After the experience with an unprotected sandbank on the Workumerbuitenwaard (see project Workumerbuitenwaard), It Fryske Gea and Rijkswaterstaat decided to execute a sand nourishment protected by a breakwater. The latter, 750 m long, was built in 1995. Sand was nourished in 1997, in the form of two emerged shore-parallel sandbanks in the lee of the breakwater.

Project objectives

The goals of the project were:

  1. to increase the nature values in the area by creating rest-, moult- and foraging space for wading birds (e.g. white spoonbill, pied avocet), northern shoveller, stilt walkers, geese and terns;
  2. to separate nature area It Soal from the adjacent recreation area It Soal (located southwest of the nature area).