Hybrid shoreline protection – It Soal, IJsselmeer


Location: Along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast, located near Workumerbuitenwaard (the Netherlands)
Date: 1995- 1997
Involved parties: It Fryske Gea, Rijkswaterstaat
Technology Readiness Level: 7 (Demonstration system operating in operational environment)
Environment: Sandy Shores
Keywords: Breakwater, sandbank, waterfowl, zonation

This project was executed along the Frisian IJsselmeer coast located near the Workumerbuitenwaard between 1995 and 1997. It consists of a constructed longitudinal groyne and two sandbars. The main purpose of the project was to create resting, molting and foraging habitat for wading birds. The dyke and sandbars also function as zoning structure to divide nature and recreational areas. The project was successful in reaching its objectives. The groynes contributed to retain the sediment as well as to the zonation of nature and recreation.

As this project was executed a decade ago, the project It Soal serves as a historical case from which lessons can be learned. Information on additional historic nourishment pilots are: WorkumerbuitenwaardMirnserklif and Veluwe Randmeren.

Location of the pilot in the project.
It Soal; close up