Sustainable river works – Gorai River


Location: Gorai River, Bangladesh

Date: 1998 – 2001
Involved parties: Boskalis, Dredging International, HAM, VOACZ
Technology Readiness Level:  6 – technology demonstrated in relevant environment
Environment: Rivers & Estuaries
Keywords: river, channel, mangrove restoration, morphology, reduction salinity intrusion

Building with Nature design

The ecodynamic design of the Gorai river builds on the natural river processes and strives for long-term sustainability. Ideally, the river would have become self-sustaining with limited maintenance dredging. Keeping the inherent uncertainty of the river morphology in mind, the design, planning and construction were executed with a high degree of flexibility.

Traditional design

Traditionally a river like the Gorai river would be embanked by a permanent structure of dams and dikes. The flow of the river would be man-made and a continuous struggle against natural forces in terms of dredging and river training would be necessary.