Sustainable river works – Gorai River

Operation and Maintenance

Each year during the wet Monsoon the channel tends to widen and shoal, but during the three-year project the dredging effort to keep the river flowing became less each year. On that basis, a blend of maintenance dredging and natural forces was expected to be optimal to keep the Gorai flowing. Maintenance dredging would concentrate at critical places, indicated by close monitoring of the hydrodynamics and the morphology of the river.

Upon evaluation of the project, consultants concluded that continued maintenance dredging and storage of the material on the high river banks may not be sustainable in the long run. They suggested a different design, including groins and revetments. This design has not been implemented so far, due to the lack of money and/or political will. For the same reason the long-term maintenance scheme was never realized and the river has largely returned to its degraded state.