Building with Nature in delta cities


Construction of the Nassauhaven projected has started in January 2018. The construction of the Wervenpark has not started yet. The construction of the project Mallegatpark started in 2016, but was put on hold in December 2017.

Pilot Wervenpark Dordrecht

The construction of the project Wervenpark Dordrecht has not started yet.

Pilot Mallegatpark

The construction of te project tidal channel Malletgat started in 2016 (Van den Berg, 2018). However, erosion risk caused problems with the request of permits in 2017. The project was put on hold in December 2017. The planning of the project is suspended, but the ambition is still there.

Pilot Nassauhaven

The construction of project Nassauhaven started in January 2018. In spring, dredging works were executed to deepen the harbour. Dredging works are necessary to construct a stable bed for the nature friendly foreshore. In April and May work on the quay started with the construction of cables and pipes and modification of areas where future access bridges to the floating houses will be located. The first houses are expected to be present in the Nassauhaven in spring 2019.