Eco-concrete breakwater structures – IJmuiden

Planning and design

The eco-slabs have a size of 75 cm x 50 cm and have six different textures/shapes of 25 cm x 25 cm at the top surface. The eco-slabs were attached both horizontally and vertically to the concrete blocks. The textures and geometrical shapes for the vertically placed slabs were slightly different from those for the horizontal ones.

The table below lists the six textures/shapes for both the horizontal and vertical slabs.

 vertical slabs horizontal slabs
1vertical grooves1fine and smooth surface structure
2small holes2cup (45% of surface)
3fine surface structure3horizontal grooves
4horizontal grooves4smooth surface structure
5medium-fine surface structure5small holes
6smooth surface structure6vertical grooves

In addition, eco structures topping (surface layer) were placed on 15 large size X-blocks (2 m x 2 m). These blocks were placed along the Zuiderhavenpier.