Adaptive management, maintenance and monitoring


Different settings bring different challenges. For six EcoShape (pilot) projects, one for each landscape, uncertainties in the technical, social and natural system are identified. Strategies on how to deal with uncertainties in Building with Nature design, implementation and maintenance is examplified using six case studies:

Building with Nature caseLandscape
Hondsbossche DunesSandy coasts
Rehabiliation of mangrove coast Demak, IndonesiaMuddy coasts
Marker WaddenLowland Lakes
Wave attenuating willowsRivers & estuaries
Werven Park DordrechtCities
Mud MotorPorts

The factsheets give examples of uncertainty identification and how uncertainties were managed in different projects. The factsheet are intended as an illustration and are not exhaustive nor they can be regarded as full project descriptions.