Governance – Knowledge context

Knowledge, innovation and public policy

The section Examples illustrates how a project developer can handle knowledge and uncertainty issues in BwN-type projects, using the Sand Engine project case study as a concrete example where several aspects of these knowledge and uncertainty considerations have been tested. Finally, under References information can be found for further reading.

Knowledge can be functional in several ways. It is used to get the content right and it provides substantiation for legal procedures. Furthermore, knowledge can contribute to build up support for a project among actors and stakeholders and other parties involved (van Buuren et al, 2010). Knowledge plays an important role in different project phases. It provides a basis for:

  • problem identification;
  • master planning and project initiation;
  • developing innovative solutions;
  • developing design and planning alternatives;
  • assessing designs and plans;
  • project execution;
  • sustainable and adaptive project operation and maintenance;
  • environmentally friendly decommissioning of the project.