Remote monitoring of bio -and morphological developments (ArgusBio)


Monitoring the morphological and biological developments of intertidal areas is crucial to understand the functioning of the biogeomorphological system and effectively manage this system. This applies to both short- and long-term management (months to years vs. years to decades) to assess the direct impacts of interventions (eg. nourishments, structures), as well as to assess coastal safety and comply with regulations (eg. EU Bird/ and Habitats Directive) over time. The ArgusBio monitoring stations provide the possibility for remote and continuous monitoring in form of geo-referenced JPEG-images taken by different types of cameras.

An ArgusBio monitoring station

Type: Hardware and Software
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Construction, Operation & maintenance
Type of assessment: Monitoring
Purpose: Remote and continuous monitoring of intertidal flats (morphology, flora and fauna)
Requirements: Installation of monitoring stations, processing of geo-referenced images
Relevant Software: Delft 3D-Suite, contact Deltares for use of automated algorithms