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Ottow, B., Janssen, S., IJff, S. en Meijer, K. (2017) Draft Curriculum International Course on Nature-Based Flood Defence. Deltares

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Frame of Reference for specialist and end-user interaction

Geographical data and knowledge management

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Ecoshape Capacity building

Powerpoint introduction BWN

MOOC  Engineering: BWN

MOOC Beyond Engineering: BWN

Ecoshape partners Capacity building

HKV – capacity building Myanmar

Deltares – Draft Curriculum Nature Based Flood Defences course

External links to Nature Based Solutions Capacity building

MOOC Nature Based Metropolitan Solutions

MOOC Urban Nature Based Solutions

Wageningen University and NBS

Zijn de dijken overbodig (NL) – Universiteit van Nederland (NL)

Deltatalent (NL)

Talking the same nature-based language

TU Delft  – Has a mastercourse on ‘Building with Nature in Hydraulic Engineering’ in the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences