Quick model set-up using open databases (DelftDashboard)


Although all surface water modelling efforts tend to be unique, many steps (i.e. data collection, grid set-up, generating forcing, boundary and initial conditions) are the same in every modelling exercise. The main purpose of Delft Dashboard is to make it easier for modellers to go through these steps and enable quick model set-up anywhere in the world. It does so by linking to open databases for bathymetry (e.g. GEBCO, Vaklodingen, SRTM), shorelines and tidal data (e.g. TOPEX Poseidon). Users are enabled to add their own (classified) datasets to the tool. Delft Dashboard offers a large number of generic routines and handy toolboxes, such as coordinate conversion, bathymetric interpolation, nesting, domain decomposition and modelling of tsunamis and tropical cyclones. With these tools, setting up a model is a matter of minutes, whereas it used to take days or weeks before.

Type: Software
Project Phase: Planning & Design, Initiation
Type of assessment: System Analysis
Purpose: simple and quick model set-up, linking of open databases
Requirements: Basic modelling skills, knowledge on relevant environment
Relevant Software: Matlab or Matlab compiler if used as stand-alone tool