Governance for sustainable restoration – Veluwe Randmeren


The project opted to enhance the balance between nature and recreation

The Veluwerandmeren include the lakes Drontermeer, Veluwemeer, Wolderwijd and Nuldernauw. They form a diverse but fragile area with a variety of functions. Since 1996 governmental parties and societal organisations work together on an integrated plan for the Veluwerandmeren. The Veluwerandmeren are a wetland of international importance with a high diversity in waterfowl and aquatic plants. Other functions are shipping, swimming, sport-and professional fishing, drinking water provision and reed cultivation.

Together with stakeholder groups and inhabitants they (re)designed the area between the Nijkerkersluis and the Roggebotsluis close to the city of Kampen. The ultimate goal is to implement a package of integrated measures for the Veluwerandmeren to improve the spatial quality and to restore the balance between nature and recreation.