Governance for sustainable restoration – Veluwe Randmeren

Operation and Maintenance

Every year, the project team organized consultancy sessions with (newly elected) governors to inform them about new developments within the project and to be informed on their opinions. These sessions functioned as agenda preparation for the Steering Committee.

Governance – Maintaining information

The project team aims to maintain strong links between stakeholders, also in the phase of operation and maintenance. Trust is a keyword here. An example of strong cooperation is the proposal of the water recreation sector to establish one organisation for operation and maintenance of the Veluwerandmeren area. The steering committee reacted positively and has the intention to establish such an organisation. One of the conditions is obviously a financial contribution of all parties involved, including the water recreation sector.

Concerning the communication, the project team distributes a biannual newsletter with 2000 subscribers. Also the public information evenings are well-attended. The Information Centre Veluwerandmeren plays a positive role in informing the public and creating support for the project. The number of visitors is growing and more activities are organized, for example the establishment of a bicycle trail about the history of the Veluwerandmeren in 2009.