Mussel Seed Capture Installations

Lesson Learned

Several lessons can be learned from Mussel seed capture installations (MZI).

  • With the use of a hanging substrate it is possible to capture a large amount of mussel seed.
  • The best results are gained with the use of a vertical hanging substrate, in comparison with horizontal stretched substrate.
  • In the comparison of different types of ropes the New Zealand and Christmas rope give the best result. Both are quite ravelled on which the mussel larvae can easily attach.
  • The construction of the MZI should be robust enough to withstand the local current and wave conditions. Therefore it is favourable to construct the MZI in relative sheltered areas. However there should be enough current for the supply of mussel seeds and food (algae).
  • The best time to install a MZI in the Netherlands is in early spring, being April, due to the production of mussel larvae.
  • One should take into account drift litter which can come from the MZI installation. An interesting option, which should be investigated is to use bio degradable materials as substrate, which are not harmful to the environment.