Fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing for monitoring morphological changes


The use of fibre-optic Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) is a promising new technique to measure morphological changes. Fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing uses a single fibre-optical cable as a sensor, and allows measuring temperature with a resolution below 0.1˚C, spatial resolution of less than 1 meter and sub-minute temporal resolution (Hausner et al, 2011). It was originally developed by the oil and gas industries as a borehole logging tool (e.g. Kersey, 2010). Other applications include pipeline monitoring and fire detection and protection. For several years, the technology has been used increasingly to monitor environmental temperatures (Selker et al., 2006; Tyler et al., 2009; Vogt et al., 2010). Here, fibre-optic DTS is applied to monitor morphological changes.

Type: Model
Project Phase: Operation & maintenance
Type of assessment: Monitoring
Purpose: Real time monitoring of morphological changes
Requirements: Knowledge on installation and DTS systems; Matlab skills for data processing
Relevant Software: Matlab

lay-out of fibre-optic-distributed of temperature sensors near a sand nourishment to measure morphological change.