Interactive group modelling (MapTable)

How to Use

Various skills and background knowledge are required depending on the chosen setting and purpose. For a good interpretation of the results, the user should have basic knowledge of the different fields called upon in the tool. To setup a new model application within an existing tool for a different geographical location, an experienced specialist is needed. In case the tool is used in a workshop or during a stakeholder meeting, a facilitator is required with basic skills in hydrodynamics and morphology to translate and interpret results for the group.


To run an interactive design session you need:

a) MapTable software;
b) a database of local conditions (depends on the tool);
c) a predictive model.

All these requirements need to be well prepared, linked and tested. Such combination is suitable to study one specific design issue at one location.


Using a tool application in a workshop setting or developing a new tool application, requires basic skills and capacities of the user or user group. The requirements depend largely on the preferred level of adaptation of the tool application. A case can be developed based on:

  1. current tool applications, where no adaptation of the tool application is required;
  2. current tool applications in a different geographical setting, where the existing tool application will be adapted to meet the new geographical settings; and
  3. a new tool application.

Cases and tool applications can be developed to address a specific problem for a specific geographical area. Prior to a workshop, these tool applications have to be modified or developed. Modification of a tool application or the development of a new tool application, including adequate testing, might take a significant amount of time. Requirements are listed in the tables below. Listed requirements for level 1 case development are also required for levels 2 and 3, and requirements for level 2 are also required for level 3 case development.

Required skills and capacity

Case developmentRequired capacity
1. Existing tool existing geographical locationFacilitator
Basic knowledge of hydrology, morphology and ecology
Modelling experience
Basic experience with contracting in a marine environment
2. Existing tool, different geographical locationHydrodynamic modeling experience
3. New tool developmentProgrammer with experience with MatLab, Python, JavaScript, XML

Technical requirements

Case developmentRequired softwareRequired hardware
1. Existing tool application, existing geographical locationWeb browser, GoogleEarth plug-inComputer with internet connection (for GoogleEarth)
visualiser (i.e. beamer, screen)
2. Existing tool application, different geographical locationHydrodynamic model (Delft3D, SOBEK, …), MatLab •• , OpenEarth Tools
Pythonxy (for testing)
3. New toolMatLab •• , OpenEarth Tools, Pythonxy (for developing)
for some model packages a license might be required
•• for these software packages a license is required