Sand nourishment – Hondsbossche Dunes

Operation and maintenance

The maintenance works for the coastal section is part of the project. The main objective of the maintenance is keeping the coastal protection system up to the initial (safety) requirements of the project. 

The maintenance works will continue until 2036. The maintenance tasks within a yearly cycle consist amongst others of:

–        Annual bathymetry and topography monitoring
–        Quarterly visual inspections
–        Sand safety volume and beach width assessment
–        (if required) Sand (re-) nourishments
–        Pro-active measures against undesirable aeolian deposits
–        Monitoring of (quality of) vegetation
–        Monitoring of water quality of the recreational lagoon in Camperduin
–        Inspections of recreational and other objects

Every year, the monitoring and maintenance program is evaluated and adjusted if required.

Monitoring equipment used for maintenance of the Hondsbossche Dunes