Sand Motor – Delfland


The first ideas for the Sand Motor date back to the beginning of this century. Initiators were the Province of South Holland and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat).

A number of developments were brought together in the initiation phase which started in 2007:

  • the ‘Geluk’ parliamentary resolution of 2003, requiring the exploration of ‘an integral, multi functional and sustainable, phased expansion of the coast between Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen’,
  • the advice of the Tielrooij Committee of the Province South Holland, in their ‘coast booklet’ (In Dutch: ‘kustboekje’) of 2006, and
  • the development of the idea of mega-nourishment in the Rijkswaterstaat innovation program (WINN), reflecting the ambition of Rijkswaterstaat to explore methods to upscale coastal nourishment.